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What Are Your Goals?

Increase Sales

Increase Web Traffic

Create Ecommerce Site

Improve Customer Relations

Raise Brand Awareness

Smart & Strategic Web Development

Web development is more than cosmetics. Web development is about  adding value to your business. Our first question is, “What do you want your website to accomplish?”

Do you want to improve customer relations and communications, or are you looking at attracting new customers?

Are you looking to improve your brand awareness, or are you wanting to sell products through an eCommerce site?

While questions like these are sometimes difficult to answer, trust us, you will be happy you took the time to answer them. You will end up getting a cool website design and, more importantly, a site that delivers results.

First, we will need you and other company stakeholders, to fill out a website planning questionnaire (that you can get here). Our team will then sit down with you to ask questions and take additional notes.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of your company, its history and operations, we then complete a market analysis. Finally, we will give you a comprehensive plan that gives you a wide-range of web development options to meet business and budgetary needs. After this phase, you will know exactly how much your website will cost to design and exactly when your new website will be ready to launch.